Standing and Special Committee Meeting Schedule

As a reminder, it is a privilege and requirement of membership to participate on at least one committee.  Please contact the Chair of any committee on which you would like to serve to receive the link to those meetings.

Membership Committee:  Meets twice a month on Thursdays at 9 am.
Chair:  Christian Lebano  (
Goal:  Expand League membership to include small theatres from across SoCal.  Special attention toward the recruitment and support of BIPOC-led organizations.

Resource Committee:  Meets once a month on the last Wednesday of the month at 2 pm
Co-chairs:  Emmanuel Deleage ( & Greg Crafts (
Goal:  Develop resources for League members (e.g. Legal and Accounting services;  Support for Producers;  Support for Grant-writers etc)

Labor Committee:  Meets twice a month on Fridays at 2 pm
Chair:  Daniel Shoenman  (
Goal:  Provide a space for knowledge sharing among producers vis-à-vis promulgated agreements, union relations, and COVID safety requirements.  

Legislative Committee:  Meets twice a month on Mondays at 10:30 am.
Chair:  Martha Demson (
Goal:  Establish legislative priorities and strategies for the League.  
Current priority: Enact legislation to establish an Equitable Payroll Fund program for small performing arts nonprofits in the state of California. 

NOTE:  If you would like to join the SB1116 coalition, please contact Emmanuel Deleage (

While TPSCA plays a large leadership role in the coalition, the coalition includes performing arts organizations, arts advocacy organizations, and allies from across the state.