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Full Member

Any nonprofit organization interested in supporting the mission of the League which has mounted at least one Qualifying Production (see definition below) per year in three of the past five years, with one or more production in the last three years.

What is a qualifying production?

A production can be a Qualifying Nonprofit Production if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • Production budget of $10,000 or more
  • Opened within the past 5 years
  • Produced under TPSCA’s approved Standards and Practices.
  • If Produced as a co-production, both producers or producing entities may count the production towards their membership eligibility
Membership Benefits

Representation and Affiliation with the TPSCA “Brand of Excellence”

  • Usage of the League logo for promotion of events and companies.
  • Participation in TPSCA collective actions by attending Quarterly & Annual Membership Meetings.
  • Ability to serve on the TPSCA Board of Directors
  • Ability to serve on TPSCA Membership Committee, Labor Committee, Resources and/or Legislative Committee.
  • Networking, Organizational Development and Training Opportunities
  • Networking with approximately the top theatre companies and independent producers working in LA intimate theatre.
  • Access to the Board Leadership Network, to assist nonprofits in finding suitable board members
  • Document Library (Agreements, Contracts, Standards, Resource Guide, etc.)
  • Facilitated consultation with TPSCA’s Counsel in legal matters or concerns.
  • Access to information and guidance in legal matters facing the theatre community.
  • Collective Actions
  • Representation in union negotiations and discussions.
  • Dues are determined on a sliding scale based on revenue:
    • Under $100,000 = $100.00
      $100,000-$200,000  = $150.00
      $200,000-$300,000  = $200.00
      $300,000-$400,000  = $250.00
      ≤ $400,000  = $300.00

Associate Member

Any producer or producing organization interested in supporting the mission of the League:

  • Access to All Benefits of Membership except the right to vote or use of League logo/branding in production marketing
  • Not bound by League standards
  • Service and representation on one or more committees
  • $50 annual dues

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