Our Vision

We envision a Southern California theatre brand that represents the highest of quality, and the variety and diversity that is our signature. Our ecosystem allows for producers to be bold and innovative, and for productions to be sustainable and long-running locally, nationally, and abroad.

We envision well-designed and well-maintained flexible theatre facilities supporting the growth of successful productions.

We envision producers providing exceptional patron-focused experiences for engaged audiences who are enthusiastic about buying tickets to productions at multiple theatres.

We envision a fellowship of capable producers who come together to collect, analyze, and share information; to mentor and support one another; to take collective action; and to worktogether for the betterment of Los Angeles theatre.

We envision producers fostering collaborative environments where a talented and trained workforce of theatre professionals are empowered to create the extraordinary work for which they are locally and internationally recognized.

What is the Value of TPSA?

For Producers
Working under the TPSCA banner means associating a gold standard of excellence with your brand. Your patrons and artists will recognize it as a symbol of the values you ascribe to. More importantly, it means you’re a part of a network of peers with like-minded values, all with an eye to bettering the art of intimate theatre.

For Patrons
Attending a TPSCA production means indulging in a high-quality theatrical experience in a clean, safe, friendly environment hosted by a courteous and knowledgeable staff.

For Artists
Participating in a TPSCA production means you will enjoy an organized process, handled with transparency and integrity, and you will be treated with the respect due your profession.